Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award 2022

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Arkansans are winning big prizes with the Arkansas State Scholarship Lottery | KATV

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award: Arkansas scholarship lottery Award is certainly considered one among the largest Scholarship Scheme in the United States. It was documented that with Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award App over 547,307 Scholarships for College Students has funded since its establishment in 2009 to Arkansas students to forty seven colleges, universities, and technical faculties in the state.

Records have it that from 2009 to date over $965 million worth of in-state Tuition expenses has been granted.
Arkansas College Students need not leave the State for College education elsewhere because the Scholarships have lower the expenses on the study.

For over the years now, the Scholarship Lottery demand as increased as many students troop into Arkansas for College Study.
We want to take you through how the system works if you really want to win the Lottery to study in the USA.

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How the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award Work

The Scholarship Lottery has many games available. These Games Include Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, cash 3, cash 4, and Instant Game (Scratch-offs).

When a College Student buys a Lottery ticket for any game in the Lottery, a large fraction of the money is channeled into the Arkansas Challenge Scholarships. The Other fraction is reserved for the Scholarship Lottery Winners and also to pay the ticket resellers. The aim is to fund the Arkansas Academic Challenge. Millions of dollars are channeled into the College Scholarships.

Level/Field of Study

Only Students pursuing their college degree in Arkansas can apply for the Scholarship through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. There are various awards for Upcoming High School Graduates, Current College Students, Former College Students, and High School Graduates yet to attend college. Host Nationality

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award is only designed for USA Students. The Arkansas Department of Higher Education is aimed at promoting and Coordinating the Lottery program in Arkansas. All processes go through the department. Kindly don’t accept any information saying it has changed its method of operation. Eligible Nationality

As long as you have lived in Arkansas USA for a minimum of 12 months and plan to stay in-state for college. you could be eligible for an ongoing Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarships. Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award Amount

The Scholarships are in various categories so same is the prizes for the winners.
The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery funds the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarships. The awarded re-divided into the High School Students or College Students Category and the non-traditional Students.
The Arkansas Scholarship lottery Award winners get $1,000 for the first year in College, $4,000 for the Second Year, $4,000 for the third year and $5,000 for the fourth year. Students attending two-year colleges will receive $1,000 the first year and $3,000 the second year.

Eligibility for Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Award 

Here we want to take it from a general term to categories. We have eligibility for non-traditional and  College Student students.

General Eligibility

On a general note, an applicant must be residing in the USA especially must have been an Arkansas Residence. The Eligibility applies to other groups that are eligible for the scholarship.

Eligibilities for Colleges

If you receive a scholarship from the Scholarship Lottery in your first year, you must meet certain conditions in order to continue to benefit from the second, third, and fourth years of schooling.

You must pass 27 semester hours of your first year of study and 30 semester hours thereafter. You can still qualify for a scholarship as a part-time student, but your premium will be reduced.

In addition, you must have a grade point average of 2.5 during your studies to continue to receive a scholarship from the Arkansas Lottery.

You must be enrolled in school all the time. If you lose a semester, your scholarship will be put on hold. You can only do this for up to two semesters.

The scholarship can be renewed after 130 semester hours, but you meet all these conditions.

If your degree requires you to spend more than 130 hours per semester at the school, the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship Committee will evaluate your situation.

You decide whether to extend your reward. If you obtain a bachelor’s degree before this benchmark, you are not entitled to additional funds.

Eligibilities for High School

If you’re a high school student entering college after graduation, an ACT score of 19 or higher is all you need to qualify for an Arkansas Academic Challenge scholarship.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery program also accepts ACT equivalents. Accepted points are 900 for the verbal and mathematical SAT sections, a score of 40 ASSET, a score of 64 COMPASS or a score of 79 ACCUPLACER.

Eligibilities for Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional students are those who do not go to college immediately after high school. For example, if you graduated years ago without attending university, you are considered a non-traditional student.

In this case, you must have a score of 19 ACTs or more and a score of 2.5 GPA for an Arkansas High School or 2.5 GPA after 12-hour university courses.

Arkansas scholarship Result

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery App

How to Apply

Visit the Department of Higher Education’s website,, and complete the Arkansas YOUniversal Scholarship Application or download the free YOUniversal app for your smartphone. The online YOUniversal application is your one-stop-shop for state and lottery-funded financial aid. The Arkansas Lottery app can be download here

Download the App

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery App

Be sure to download the Mobile Application for the Scholarship Lottery. The App has the iPhone version and the Android Version.
Both Versions can display the latest winners in various categories of Arkansas Lottery games.

What to do with the ASL Mobile APP

  • Scan eligible tickets into Club accounts for Second-Chance and Play It Again™ drawings and earn reward points.
  • Check the latest winning numbers for Cash 3, Cash 4, Natural State Jackpot, Lucky for Life™, Powerball®, and Mega Millions of games.
  • Find current promotions and upcoming drawings.
  • Browse the Points for Prizes® store.
  • See if your numbers ever won with historical winning numbers.
  • Receive push notifications when winning numbers are drawn.
  • Find the closest lottery retailer locations based on your current location.
  • Access Club services.

Hear from The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship Past Winners

We have compiled a list of the winners directly from their Site you can See the Latest Winners Here

“To be able to get this scholarship meant everything to me and also my parents,” said Daveante, an Ashdown native who attended Southern Arkansas University (SAU) Honors College on a Lottery-funded Arkansas Academic Challenge scholarship.
Receiving the scholarship meant Daveante could focus more on pursuing his dreams and less on the burden of student loans. It also prevented his parents from having to get second jobs to help pay for his education.
After graduating SAU with a Bachelor’s Degree in political science, Daveante attended the University of Arkansas School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctorate degree, graduating cum laude in 2016.
Today, Daveante practices law at a prominent Little Rock law firm where he specializes in labor and employment. And it all started with a Lottery scholarship. #ThisIsWinning

 Lottery Scholarship Paves Way for Attorney

Lottery Scholarship Paves Way for Attorney

Daveante | SAU Scholarship, Attorney in Little Rock

In Arkansas, we help each other out. Allison Warner from Beebe is the perfect example of that creed. “Working with the elderly, I get to pour support into them, and they pour support back into me,” says Warner, who is specializing in elder care while working on a nursing degree at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. She’s also an Arkansas Lottery Scholarship recipient.
“I remember going home and telling my parents I got the scholarship … we were dancing around the kitchen. The Arkansas Lottery Scholarship has allowed me to not take out any loans right now.”
Allison has a very personal reason for wanting to pursue a career as a geriatric nurse: “My grandfather was in the Air Force and served in Vietnam working on bombers. He passed away a few years ago. As his health declined, I was inspired by the medical professionals who cared for him with compassion, and I decided that I wanted to become one of those people.”
After graduation, she plans to stick around and work with the elderly in Jonesboro. Now that’s a solid investment in a great future. Keep at it, Allison!

 Lottery Scholarship Helps Nursing Major Fulfill Her Career Goal

Lottery Scholarship Helps Nursing Major Fulfill Her Career Goal

Allison Warner | Arkansas State University-Jonesboro

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