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Procedure of Filing Annual Return - Corpbiz Advisors

How to File an Annual Return Online: A great sign of progress for better expectations is filing business annual returns online via the official CAC annual return portal. Though they may be some unprofessional experience on the portal, but there’s hope. If you have a business(es) registered with CAC then filing annual returns shouldn’t be new to you.

The big change is; processing the annual return online, instead of going to the CAC office to pay money handing for the process to be completed on your behalf.

After we went through the CAC annual return portal though, it’s not at its perfect state as we expected, but there is always room for more advancement.

However, you may now commence to File an Annual Return Online without stress, your payment will be done online, and available documents (after filing the CAC annual return) is automatically prepared in PDF format. Which allows you to access documents anytime.

Filling an Annual Return Online

There are TWO available options to fill your CAC registered business annual returns. It is either processing it by yourself or visiting any accredited agent to process it.

In any case, you need must have registered either as a user or as an agent. The steps below show the complete steps.

Starting with a account registration

First, you’ll be creating an account as a user (not as an accredited agent).

  1. Go to CAC users’ registration portal –
  2. Then complete the form.-Required details of the Authorized Representative includes;
    Name, Date of birth, Gender, and Nationality.

    – Required details for Account Details creation includes;
    Username, Email address, Password, Occupation, and Address

    – Your Means of Identification;
    Select the typ of document to use, and fill in other details needed for the selected document you’ve selected.

  3. Review the filled-in details to confirm every information is correct, then click on “Register”.
  4. You’ll get a notification (at the top of the page) that your registration was successfully summited, then to visit your email address to confirm the email you’ve used for the CAC user account registration.Upon clicking the click in your email, you will be redirected to a new page displaying a confirmation page that your email is confirmed.

    Now the registration process is completed. You can now proceed to login using your username and password. The steps below shows that!

Logging In to Your CAC account dashboard

  1. Go to the CAC login page –
  2. Enter your username and password, then click on the “Login” button.

The Process of Filing an Annual Return Online (CAC Website)

You can either carry out the filling of the annual returns yourself or visit any CAC agent to get it done for you. The steps below show each option.

Filing Annual Return as a User:

  1. Now that you’re logged in,
  2. Select the category of company, it could be business name, limited or NGO.
  3. Select annual returns
  4. Fill the information of the company and pay.
  5. Then also download the online receipt and approved cac annual returns, after the commission approves your filing.

Filling annual return through an agent:

  1. Go to cac agent and ask for cac annual return form for business name, limited liability company or IT.

You don”t need all of them, you only need the one concerning your business (you can contact us for this form), just that those CACagent also handle those parts too.

  1. Fill out your Form and Return it to the CAC agent for assessment. Or in must cases the agent does everything right in your present.
  2. Pay the request fees for your annual return for the year.
  3. CAC Agent Returns the annual return forms to cac approved by cac to you .
  4. Store the approved annual return forms for the year, this is necessary in the event you need to file for changes in the future.

Please note that the agent has his own fee which you’ll have to pay him for his services rendered.

Penalty for late filing of Annual Returns for a Particular Year

The corporate affairs commission has a calendar year, accordingly, so it is important to learn about the late filing of annual returns within a calendar year attracts penalty as listed below.

1 Late filing of increase in share capital of public company 10,000
2 Late filing of increase in share capital of private company 5,000.00
3 Late filing of annual return for small company 3,000.00 per year
4 Late filing of annual return for a private company other than a small company 5,000.00 per year
5 Late filing of annual return for public company 10,000 per year
6 Late filing of annual return for Company Limited by Guarantee 5,000.00 per year
7 Late filing of statement in form of schedule 14 under section 553 100.00 per day for each director, company secretary and company
8 Late filing of notice of appointment of liquidator 5,000.00
9 Late filing of resolution for winding up 500.00 for each director and the company secretary
10 Late filing of notice of change of company name 5,000.00
11 Late filing of notice in alteration of memorandum and articles of association 5,000.00
12 Late filing of notice/deed of release 5,000
13 Late filing of notice of changes in particulars of directors 5,000.00
14 Late filing of return of allotment by public company 10,000.00
15 Late filing of return of allotment by private company 5,000.00
16 Late filing of notice of change in shareholding 5,000.00
17 Late filing of notice of change in registered address 50.00 per day for every director, company secretary and company
18 Late filing of charges by public company 10,000.00
19 Late filing of charges by private company 5,000.00
20 Late filing of other documents (miscellaneous) 5,000.00

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